Thursday, 29 July 2010

SSC is the most beautiful place on earth.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Iain finally came home. Hence my lack of blogging! I've been living at my cousins for two weeks because of the lack of space in my house. Tomoorrow I'll finally get my  room back! my sweet precious room!
However, I'll miss my little beautiful nephew!

At first he was only 4 pounds!
now hes..... 7 pounds!!!!! He's now 3 weeks now and he's massive!
This is my wonderful father, and my wonderful nephew. They both look so alike! But apparantly he looks like me when he screws up his face and farts. And I'm not talking about the baby.
I've grown much closer to my father. We went on a walk together with the baby, and it was such a beautiful day. I was tired and ill, but I wanted to go out anyways. I think he misses me not living there anymore. Infact, he put up another photo of me in my parents bedroom. I'm 5 in the photo and I'm his double!

Cupcaaaaaaaakes! i love cupcakes. cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes! coffee ones too :) I know I shouldn't eat them but they are so damn good! I want more! nomnomnom

This is my beautiful sister and nephew. I love them both so much, but claire wont let me hug her. Infact, the last time I hugged her, I caught her vicious cold and spent a day in bed suffering :(
I live on a small island, and the first chinese just opened! A chinese resturant, on an island with the population of 2,000 people! Then again, tourism brings over a million people to the island! However, the wait was forever, but the food was, no joke, amazing. It was beautiful! I couldn't finish it because there was so much and so good. This photo is the imperial starter, the prawn toast is amazing.
This is me, Mary-Jean and a friend (i.e I cannot remember her name!) Mary-Jean is on the left and she is the best aunty in the world. I love her so much, I cant actually explain it. She has MS, and is currently still mobile, but one day she will be wheel chair bound. Nothing could ever stop me from loving her, she is so amazing, its unreal.
My aunty jeanette came to Mull. She is an energetic, amazing, outload. Spontenious and partypartyparty! Complete opposite to my mother! Ha! :P
We went for a 3 hour walk and she taught me how to make my hair look like this! ^^^ she's different and hilarious, god I love her.
Oh and she illegally bought me some Pear Cider. Oh yeah.